$0.0085 per word / $425 per 50k words
With this service, you get one full read-through of your manuscript. Your editor will look for basic grammar, spelling, capitalization and punctuation errors, inconsistencies in tense, repetitive words, and suggest alternate wording where appropriate. Light content editing is also included, which involves looking for inconsistencies and ambiguities in the timeline or storyline. Following this service, a proofread is strongly recommended. 

$0.01 per word / $500 per 50k words
During a structural edit, your editor, LS King, will take an in-depth look at your manuscript. This extends well beyond what's included in a standard copyedit. Your editor will also look at formatting, check facts, and offer suggestions on story and character development. This includes suggesting deletions, expansions, clarifications and revisions where appropriate. It is highly recommended that you book at least one, maybe two, passes with another editor after a structural edit. In addition to the edits and comments in your manuscript, you will receive a separate document with global notes and suggestions. Indie Solutions currently has one structural editor, and spaces are limited. Please contact us for availability and a sample edit. Following this service, a copyedit and proofread are strongly recommended.  

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Your developmental editor will guide you in improving your manuscript by looking at content, style, and structure. This is different from a copyedit in the sense that, rather than focusing on the mechanics of writing, she will focus on the story itself. This includes but is not limited to: character development, storyline, timeline, dialogue, narrative, point of view, and style. She will give you suggestions for improving a character's voice, effectively adding drama or humor to a scene, making the dialogue flow more naturally, and any other ways in which you can make the story more appealing to the reader. When necessary, she may recommend deleting or rewriting entire sections of the manuscript. Please contact us if you are interested in a developmental edit, and we can quote a price based on the level of work needed/desired based on the genre and style of your work. A copyedit and proofread are strongly recommended after this service. 

$0.0065 per word / $325 per 50k words
Proofreading is a final look at your manuscript after it has been edited. You should not book your manuscript for proofreading unless it has already been edited. Your proofreader will look for typographical, grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors that may have either been missed by your editor or added during revisions. Your proofread will always be done by someone who has not worked on your manuscript yet. There is a significant benefit to having a second look of eyes on your work. The less familiar they are with the story, the more likely they'll be to catch remaining errors.

Not sure which service is best for you? Contact us and we'll help you decide. 

$0.0035 per word / $150 per 50k words
A beta reader is someone who reads your manuscript (typically before editing takes place) and provides critical feedback from the reader’s perspective. They will point out plot holes, issues with believability, areas they don’t feel add to the story as a whole, and areas they’d like to see expanded upon. You can use this feedback to make improvements to your story before moving forward with editing and, ultimately, publishing. A good beta reader who will give you honest feedback is a valuable asset to an author. Our beta reader, Chelle, has professionally beta read for authors such as #1 NYT bestselling author Colleen Hoover, USA Today bestselling author Erin Noelle, and Brenda Rothert. 

A non-refundable deposit of $35 is required to reserve your date on the calendar. This is not in addition to your editing and/or formatting costs, but rather will be subtracted from your overall bill. 50% of your remaining bill is due upon submission of your manuscript, and work will not begin until this is received. The remainder of your bill is due upon completion of the service, and your manuscript will not be returned to you until your bill is paid in full. If you need to cancel, you must give a minimum of 45 days' notice, or you will be responsible for 50% of your projected bill.

By paying your deposit invoice, you are agreeing to these terms.